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Running “cleanmgr.exe” on server 2008

When running out of disk space on Server 2008 you might want to run “cleanmgr.exe”. But it’s not there on Server 2008.

When searching the internet for more info, all returned answers said I’d have to install the “Desktop experience” feature. But I certainly do not want to enable the “desktop experience” feature on a production server. I do not need Windows Mediaplayer, Photoviewer, etc.

I copied “cleanmgr.exe” from a server where the desktop experience feature was enabled to a server which did not have that feature enabled (to the %Systemroot%\System32 folder) and executed the .exe. Nothing happened. Then I searched for a missing .dll but none existed/worked.

Back tot the server with the “Desktop Experience’ feature enabled, ran “Process Explorer” to search for dependencies of “cleanmgr.exe”

runningcleanmanagerAnd there it is, %systemroot%\System32\en-US\Cleanmgr.exe.mui” among other *.mui’s. Copied “cleanmgr.exe.mui” to the other server (with the already existing “cleanmgr.exe”), started “cleanmgr.exe again, and guess what:


Finally, cleanmgr without installing the “Desktop Experience” feature on server 2008.

WSS v3 Backup retention script

After setting up STSADM.exe to backup my WSS v.3 sites the backup directory did grow daily.

I could not find any way to set some sort of retention on these backups, and got tired of deleting the backups and adjusting the spbrtoc.xml manually. So I wrote my own script.

As a real PowerShell addict this problem had to be solved with PowerShell. Here’s the script.

This script does:

  • queries the spbrtoc.xml and finds all backups
  • deletes old backup entries from spbrtoc.xml
  • deletes the old backup files from disc
  • saves the updated spbrtoc.xml.

The result:



Just schedule this script to run after the backup has been made and no more manual deletion of the backup files is needed.

As a real IT Pro, you can now put your feet on the table and drink a relaxing cup of coffee. (Well at least until your boss finds you in this way…)